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Battout's Products one of the well Known brands in Europe and the whole world for home instruments and crystal industry ,The following Battout's products brands



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About Battout Company & Stores

Battout Company For Trading & Importing Housewares, which was founded in 1990 in Damanhur City which is the capital of Al-Buhayrah Governorate,is the result of hard working and an idea of Chairman Of The Board /Mr.Tarek Ali Zien El-Din . The company is considering the main root of six different Stores .

Battout is a distinctive brand in Housewares which brings Elegance , Luxury and Sophistication to your to your Buffet or Console Table ,Dining room , Guest room and kitchen.


Battout is offering only branded products with growing collection which ensure high quality at the best value We supply the latest collection of the best manufactures and designer from Italy, France, Germany, Japan , UK and many more.

These luxurious products are offered in low, medium, and high price ranges that are typical for your customers.

Battout have everything you need to create the perfect meal and serve it in elegant style to make your life easier .


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Stores Opening

We are pleased to receive our valued customers through our showrooms

at the following times:

                                        Saturday-Thursday:           10am : 11pm

                                                         Friday :           Weekly Holiday

Email  info@battout.com



+2-0100 930 7066


Mohamed Abd Al-karim st. , Beside The Agricultural club , Damanhur city , Al-Buhayrah

Email:  info@battout.com


Phone: +2-045-3333213

              +2-0100 930 7066